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RFID asset management reduces the inventory time of Harvard Medical School assets by 75%

RFID asset management system includes operations such as adding, transferring, idle, scrapping, repairing and inventory assets, covering the whole process of asset acquisition, debugging and scrapping.RFID asset management can make asset inventory work faster and easier, and improve management level and efficiency.

Harvard Medical School (HMS) reported that in order to manage its 4300 assets, the inventory time of the university’s assets has been reduced by 75%. At the same time, it has more visibility to the location of high-value assets and ensures that they can be easily found during the government audit.


Harvard Medical School has about 4300 high-value assets in its 15000 fixed assets, including servers, incubators, medical freezers, centrifuges, microscopes and thermal circulators for DNA research.


The benefits of RFID management include more accurate and efficient asset inventory, which means that when they inventory with them, ROM and asset managers do not have to interrupt their asset research. The actual asset inventory process is also less disruptive than manual. Another benefit is that readers can search RFID tags in Geiger counter mode to locate lost assets.


In addition to Harvard Medical School (HMS), the RFID system is currently implemented or put into use in Harvard University (FAS), the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAR) and the Wyss Institute (Wyss Institute). According to Diqiaggio, Wyss has completed the RFID marking of all old assets, while FAS and SEA now mark about 8000 assets. The four universities have about 100 buildings, each of which contains assets.

Post time: Mar-10-2023