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Rafik Jeans Tests RFID to Track 50,000 Items.

The Brazilian company controls the production of goods in São Paulo and Minas Gerais, as well as sales in 19 other cities, including Bahia and Goiás.

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Brazil's Rafik Jeans, based in São Gabriel da Palha, has adopted radio frequency identification technology to monitor jeans production at its headquarters, as well as at other manufacturing units in São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Colatina. "Our products are marketed in 19 cities, including Minas Gerais, Bahia, Espírito Santo, Goiás and São Paulo," says Felipe Pelissari, the company's director.

Rafik Jeans moves 50,000 pieces a month. The firm has invested in RFID to gain agility and control of its goods. "We always work with high-quality products at very competitive prices," Pelissari says, "but are always looking for the most current in the fashion world, thus taking our customers well beyond products."

Rafik Jeans' store has adopted an RFID system to monitor the production of its apparel.

Prior to the RFID deployment, Pelissari says, the counting and separation processes were entirely manual and prone to errors. "With the implementation of RFID," he explains, "we have had an excellent improvement in daily productivity, as well as drastically reducing counting errors and the separation of products."

With RFID, the company has gained agility and accuracy in its counting and sorting of orders for stores, and has achieved a 50 percent improvement in efficiency. Such positive results are inspiring future investments, Pelissari says. "Portals are being installed in our stores to boost sales," he states, "and also to improve the replacement process."

Rafik Jeans Tests RFID to Track 50,000 Items

(1) Do you maintain a database of series/codes of writstbands? Do you collect information about UID and can give it us with every batch? We can read the UID of the wristband and send to you the excel, the additional cost: $0.01/pcs.
(2) The prices you've sent include our logo printing? What color of logo is available? The price don't include the logo printed cost, but include the color cost. You can do any color you want, just send us the pantone color value. For the logo, we need to calculate it based on the logo picture and order qty, it will be confirmed in each order.
(3) The necessary color of wristband is black and red. Yes, it is possible.
(4) Can we arrange meeting at your FACTORY (not sales office) and make excurtion with our chinese agent? Yes, we can arrange the meeting. Our factory located in Shenzhen, pls let me know your schedule.
(5) I should note that all products we buy in China are under insepction with our chinese agent before shipment, Sure, we can cooperate with you, no problem.
(6) How fast can you arrange samples shipment? is it for free? We can send free sample 5 pcs. We will charge a production cost if you need more samples.

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