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Which industries are RFID handhelds mainly used in?

RFID handheld reader is a mobile terminal device that can exchange information with items with RFID tags through radio frequency signals.

The core of the application of RFID technology is to make each product have a specific piece of information in order to distinguish it from other products. Another important link is to install RFID readers at the import and export of the warehouse, which will read the information passed through the reader. For the information of the goods, the RFID handheld terminal reader can be used in the warehouse to scan the items.


Inbound management

Inbound management refers to a series of management activities such as warehousing registration, classification, identification, storage, custody, statistics, and monitoring of items. The staff can use the RFID handheld reader to read the RFID tags of the goods in batches and verify the information.

Outbound management

According to the bill of lading, the staff uses the RFID handheld reader to download the outbound information, and performs outbound verification, verification, and at the same time, the verification information is synchronized to the background management system. After the verification is passed, the warehouse staff can scan the outbound items and compare the scanned information with the downloaded outbound information. If they are consistent, the verification is passed and the outbound operation can be carried out. If inconsistent, the relevant personnel will be notified through the RFID handheld reader for verification.

Warehouse inventory

The traditional warehouse inventory is a manual operation mode, which not only seriously affects the efficiency of the staff, but also consumes time and labor, and is also very prone to errors, and data is easily lost and difficult to trace. With the help of RFID handheld reader, warehouse inventory work is no longer difficult. While the staff is collecting data on the goods through the RFID handheld reader, the data information will be automatically uploaded to the background database and form an information comparison. The staff can clearly find the difference information and complete the inventory work.

Post time: Aug-18-2023