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The RFID tag system is online at all public libraries in Hawaii


Public libraries in Hawaii have adopted new technology to make borrowing materials faster and more convenient, state public libraries officials announced in a press release Wednesday.


“We can now check out stacks of books, CDS, DVDS and other materials at once, rather than individually, which will greatly speed up the flow of books in and out of the library.” Stacey A. Aldridge, director of the State Library, said in a statement on Wednesday.


According to the announcement, the system uses radio frequency identification (RFID) tags instead of scanning individual codes. It took about a year to install the entire system and cost $3 million, which was appropriated by the state legislature in 2022.


The roll out of the RFID library system to all public libraries in Hawaii marks an important step forward in technology and services for Hawaii Public Libraries. In the library borrowing system, RFID technology can achieve fast and accurate book borrowing and return, providing readers with more convenient services:


l Readers can complete the borrowing and returning process more quickly, reducing the time spent waiting in line.

l The RFID borrowing system can automatically record the borrowing and returning information of books, which is convenient for the library to carry out book management and circulation statistics.

l RFID technology can also help libraries achieve accurate positioning of books, improve the search efficiency of books, and provide readers with more accurate book recommendation services.


For the Hawaii Public Library, the launch of the RFID borrowing system is also an important upgrade. This not only improves the management efficiency and service level of the library, but also shows the library’s active exploration in digitization and intelligence. At the same time, through the RFID borrowing system, the library can better understand the borrowing needs and reading habits of readers, and provide data support for future book procurement and service optimization





Post time: Apr-25-2024